I have never heard a Marshall sound this good. Every single channel sounds great! I bought a Friedman Jerry Cantrell 100 signature head and it was the best amp I’d ever heard until I plugged this sucker in. Wow! Thank you, thank you! Amazing work. There’s zero noise now, complete control of the eq and gain…man you blew my mind with this. I do not write reviews, but I’m going to. This is insane! – Cullen Vanoyke

Dave has been a Godsend for me! I had 4 or 5 amps with a wide range of problems. Some have been sitting for years. Dave repaired them all and at an unbelievable price! I trust Dave, sometimes that’s hard to find nowadays, but a blessing when you do! Thanks man – Kirk Hand

David’s work is the best in town, in fact he is the only person in town that I would use to work on my amplifiers. He has excellent service, reasonable pricing and delivers on his work. Fantastic vendor I highly recommend him. – Brendan W

Tremendous work.  There are not many experiences that make you feel impelled to write feedback, however, Tube Works is the one for me.  The work on my guitar amplifier was better than expected and under my forecasted cost.  Great experience. – Jon P

Seems like the “big box” guitar shops are happy to sell you fancy gear, but don’t have a repair department to service the equipment. Sure, they can tweak a guitar setup; but when an amplifier needs help you’re on your own.  So, I started my search for a shop to service my beloved Fender “Hot Rod” Deville.  The reviews on Tube Works seemed generous, but I was intrigued, because the shop only works on tube amps.  Got an amp with transistors?  Keep looking.  Tube Works is a one man shop.  The owner, David, knows amps inside & out.  I dropped off my amp, and two weeks later I was good to go.  David essentially, stripped down every component. He removed every tube from its socket, cleaned all contacts and tested the tube for specs.  He replaced a volume control and modified the circuit so the gain was finally under control.  It used to be the amp went from zero to 60 with a nudge on the control.  Now, the gain is more evenly managed.  He also corrected the factory bias setup to give the amp the warmth a tube amp is supposed to provide while still keeping every note clean & crisp.  Almost all my amp hiss (the main reason I brought it in) was gone.  No hiss, no hum, no snaps & crackles.  So, yes.  By all means trust this shop.   I had no idea what to expect this service would run.  But I knew it would be cheaper than buying a new amp.  I didn’t know it would be cheaper than a nice meal  at a decent restaurant.  Honest. Competent.  Fair pricing.  I’m telling you, this guy Dave is a Boy Scout. – Ed S

After changing power tubes in my Friedman BE-100 I heard a loud pop during the biasing process. I called David and he was able to get to my issue quickly. The issue turned out to be quite tricky and would have been difficult to diagnose had it not been for David’s extensive knowledge and expertise. I own Diezel’s, Friedman’s and Soldano’s and he has earned my trust with taking care of them all. I’ve even spoken to him about mods. In addition, David is friendly and informative. I’ve been into amps and guitars for over 43 years and this guy is the real deal! – David Y

David at Tube Works has done many amps for me and just want to spread the word.  He does great work.  He has fixed and or modified about 10 of my amps now, mostly Marshall and Laney with a Crate and a Traynor thrown in.  Every amp sounds awesome but more importantly they are rock solid and more dependable than when I took them in.  He has done an old 77 JMP MKii 100 watt that I always had trouble with using a different repair man.  Now it is like new and sounds exactly like it should.  I have taken 3 amps known for over heating and he has done mods to cool them off.  Most notable is a JCM2000 DSL401C 1×12 40 watt combo.  It is notorious for being so hot you can’t even touch it and solder joints separate while playing.  He found a custom Bridge Rectifier that is elevated off the circuit board with extra leads to give a longer solder joint.  It now feels slightly warm to the touch and this amp sings.  Amazing job.  Take your stuff to this guy.  He stands behind all his work. Very conscientious. – Gary McSweeney

I brought David my Vox AC 50 amp for what I thought would be a simple new fuse and re-tubing. Turned out it needed a much more involved repair. David was super diligent and got my amp working and sounding great again. He was extremely friendly, easy to work with, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m super glad I found him. I highly recommend his work.

Best amp tech I’ve ever gone to. Dave at Tube Works is professional, very knowledgeable, courteous, and very reasonable in both price and wait time. He’s repaired, re-tubed, and biased many of my amps and I’ve never been disappointed with the work. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a good amp tech in the southwest area of town. – Jonathan Espeche

My nearly thirty year old Peavey Classic 50 lives again! Thanks to David for not only getting that back in working order, but also my Roland JC120 head, even though it’s not a tube amp. He knows his stuff, obviously. Quick turnaround and fair pricing, definitely recommend. – Tim R.

Top notch amp repair. Needed help with a faulty reverb on a Princeton and tube replacement in my Deluxe Reverb.  He identified a previously unknown issue of red plating and a cold solder joint. Both amps now sound great. Very reasonable prices, super fast turnaround time.  Excellent customer service. Highly recommend. – Wes Morrow

Wow! Thank you Tube Works Amp Repair! After Tube Works made repairs to both of my vintage Fender amps, I began to get numerous compliments and questions at gigs regarding my tone (?How are you getting that great tone out of your amp??). The owner of Tube Works knows what tube amps are supposed to sound like. He’s very professional, does great technical work and his prices are reasonable. While in the Houston area, I will be using Tube Works exclusively for all my amp repairs and modifications! – Kirk MacIvor

I found Tube Works through a Google search wanting to support a small local business and was not disappointed. I know nothing about amps and had no output coming out of my Orange AD30 combo. My amp was diagnosed and repaired within a couple of weeks. I would definitely do business with Dave again in the future. –Jared Dawkins

Took my peavey 6505+ in to have a faulty input jack repaired. Dave is extremely fast and professional. He biased my amp as well and it now sounds 10000 times better. I?m blown away and can?t stop playing it. I will be bringing any amps in to Dave exclusively from now on. Highly recommend, would give 10 stars if I could. – Erik Gomez

Finally had a chance to run my amp through its paces so I can give you an update. Wow, what a huge difference. Best sounding amp I have ever owned. Changing the output transformer was worth every penny. Thanks again for the suggestion. – Dan Bailey

Thank you for the Deluxe Reverb mod. After tinkering between the inputs and EQ w/ my tele and pedal steel, I’ve got it dialed in and it exceeds my expectations. Now the amp delivers everything a boutique amp would at a fraction of the cost. Thank you for addressing all of my asks perfectly. BTW, my vintage Princeton has never sounded better either. Thanks for getting that amp back in fighting shape! – David Cone

I took two amp heads to David to have a custom bias mod installed. I’m very happy with the results… – John G

I want to let you know that I had a big grin on my face for most of the practice session last night. The vibrolux really sounded like a professional amplifier – what a difference a mod makes! I also want to thank you for your expertise and integrity in installing the Fromel mods. I think it was money well spent and if there is any left in my budget after the Marshall amp is repaired, I plan to have  similar upgrade done to my Deluxe Reverb. – Keith Hollingsworth

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for the great work you did on my Super Reverb and with converting my Deluxe Reverb amp head into a “Vibroverb Clone”. Now, I’m not sure how close it really comes to a blackface Vibroverb, but I am just THRILLED with the way it turned out.  It doesn’t sound like my Super Reverb but I do love the way it sounds…brings something different (from what I’m used to) to the table…and most importantly it DOES NOT sound like a ’65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue anymore! …and there’s certainly plenty of power on tap @ 40 Watts if I ever need it. – Aaron Harris

I wanted to thank you for such a quick response and turn-around. You are truly an asset to all working musicians in the Houston and surrounding areas. It is hard to find people as honest, knowledgeable and hard working as you. Thanks again! – Jamie Ross

Wow!!  This amp sounds re-ally good.  It has taken on a very dark tone which helps balance some of the twangyness it had, and turned up to ten it roared  like it was on a roid rage!  Very pleased, thank you. – Trevor Wheeler