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Tube Works does more than simply fix an existing issue with your amp. We include additional maintenance, health checks and confirm that everything is working properly with a final listening evaluation. This ensures your amp sounds as good as it was designed to sound,

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Sometimes all your amp needs is some professional maintenance. General maintenance includes testing tubes, replacing defective or substandard tubes, setting power tube bias, cleaning tube sockets and inputs/outputs, lubricating pots (if needed) and more.

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Many amps can benefit from one or more modifications to enhance the amp’s tone and/or other qualities. We do “Blackfacing” of Silverface Fender amps as well as mods you bring to us. A dull sounding amp can come alive and become inspiring to play. Check with us to see if your amp is a candidate for upgrades or modification and check our Modifications & Fixes page to see some of the mods that are available.

Looking for an amp repair shop you can trust to fix your amp, one that specializes in guitar tube amps? Just need some maintenance to put it in tip-top shape? Interested in having mods done to enhance the tone of your amp? Need to speak to a tech who can answer your questions and give advice regarding your amp? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Tube Works is your place. Check out our client list, take a look at some of the customer testimonials, then give us a call.


You want your amp to deliver all the tone it is capable of and provide the touch sensitivity that makes you want to play for hours on end. Your amp is an extension of you and you want to experience all it is capable of.  Whether your amp went south on you and needs to be repaired, has become somewhat dull and lifeless sounding, needs re-tubing and biasing, has noisy pots, cuts out on you when you are playing or has other issues, Tube Works can provide the needed expertise to put it back in tip-top shape. Many amps can also benefit from one or more of the modifications Tube Works can provide. Give us a call and we will be glad to discuss your needs and answer your questions.

*Tube Works provides service for vacuum tube amplifiers only and does not service solid-state amps.

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Effective December 2023 David Schipp is retired from the amp repair business and has turned over full operational responsibility of Tube Works to his business partner and friend, Gary Bartkus. David and Gary have worked together over the past year from Gary’s shop in Sugar Land serving the Greater Houston area guitar player community. David will be greatly missed but the work will continue through Gary and his very capable amp repair skills. If you have any questions, please call Gary @ 281-725-4638.